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Study: Line between job and private life blurs

According to a study published today by Deutsche Hypo from the “Global Markets Real Estate” series, the “new work” megatrend is making the boundaries between personal and professional life less clear. Our professional lives are becoming increasingly integrated into our personal lives and vice versa. Properties with a multifunctional structure including space for restaurants, retail and fitness offer employees tangible added-value, increasing their comfort level and, as a result, their productivity. At the same time, our homes continue to undergo a transformation into workplaces with many people no longer being bound to one location in today’s knowledge society. People are able to decide for themselves where they want to work.

Deutsche Hypo’s study analyzes the impact of the megatrends globalization, technological advancement, sustainability and Economy 4.0 on residential, office and retail properties and points out key challenges. According to the study, tomorrow’s properties need to meet essential sustainability requirements in order to address the increasing environmental awareness and sustainability demands of owners and users while keeping additional management and upkeep costs to a minimum.

“Megatrends play an important role when it comes to long-term trends on the real estate market,” Andreas Pohl, Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors at Deutsche Hypo, emphasizes. “Our society continues to become more global, more digital and more connected. Players on the real estate market need to keep a close eye on these trends and take proactive steps to make sure their properties are ready for the future.”